With funding from the IDEAS contest, Guguplex was able to develop a business in the interior of Suriname. Their strategy has been to provide single homes with small solar systems at an affordable cost by setting up their own micro credit system for the ‘social’ consumer. Good results have been achieved. Hinterland customers appear to be willing to pay, especially when credit facilities are available. The company is also generating revenues from larger commercial projects.

Offering training to end-users appears to be a beneficial part of the ‘package’. Guguplex’s strength lies in building good relationships with the people in the interior by working closely with them (providing training in installing and maintaining the system). Small SME’s like Guguplex could support the GoS in providing households in the hinterlands with adequate power for domestic needs on a large scale.

GVEP International – http://www.gvepinternational.org/en/business/case-studies/guguplex


Emmanuel: My name is Emmanuel Dalyop from Guguplex Nigeria Ltd. We made these solar installations a little while back. What do you have to say about how this lighting has functioned?

Danjuma: Sincerely, before God, I’d like to say that the people of this village have been awed and excited by this light and they have been talking about getting money to get more of it and it is my understanding that your company can help in bringing more of this.

Emmanuel: So do people come around here to charge their phones?

Danjuma: Yes people do come and they are happy they can charge their phones here. Indeed, this light has gotten people really excited.


Rev. Shuaibu: In truth, I am very grateful to this company because this solar light they have given us has illuminated our church premises greatly and is being talked about in this village and beyond. Even when our programmes extend to the evenings beyond 5pm, people still come around and participate. We are truly grateful and pray Almighty God to continue to bless you. May God ensure that this company continues to progress in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Thank you.