Bringing Light Into Darkness


The Death of the Kerosene Lamp

The main source of lighting in rural areas for the last century – the kerosene lamp is a common site throughout the world. Unfortunately so are it’s consequences – high running costs, domestic fires and hazardous smoke responsible for many of the lung diseases and health problems associated with it’s toxic smoke.
Solar lighting changes all that – clean, safe and high quality lighting for everybody at affordable prices.

A Local Business

Guguplex works through local franchises to market, sell and install solar systems in communities in Nigeria with further expansion planned.

Guguplex offers training in installation and marketing and the fundamentals of running a small, entrepreneurial business. We also offer financing options that allow people to overcome the usual capital fund hurdles that most start-up businesses face.

The Solar Revolution

Solar lighting systems bring opportunities for a step change in living standards in rural communities spurring economic development and creating new business through higher productivity,developing new skills and reduced long term living costs.

Solar lighting creates opportunities for children to do homework, families abilities to cook, clean and sew and businesses’ ability to operate after sunset.

Guguplex’s vision is to bring this solar lighting revolution to as many people as possible.