Solar Water Pumping System


Solar Water PumpSolar power and modern water filtration systems allow Guguplex to bring low cost water supply and treatment systems to rural areas. This involves using submersible pumps in nearby rivers or lakes and deep well pumps in ground wells.

Our standalone pumping systems use solar power to pump water through a filtration system and into a tank during the day which can then be used as needed. The filter systems remove sediment and bacteria down to 0.2 microns significantly improving the quality of water for drinking. These pumps can be used in wells up to 200m deep and can pump up to 10,000 litres/hour – enough water in a day for a village community or drip irrigation for agriculture.

The  systems require no batteries being directly powered from the solar panels, meaning very low maintenance. The systems can also be setup to provide irrigation for agriculture from wells or rivers allowing farmers to maximise the productivity of their fields.

Small Systems for Drinking Water (Larger systems available on request)

System Size Max. Depth Flowrate
600 litres/hour
600 litres/hour
600 litres/hour