‘Nepa’ Inverter Kit

Do you have an electricity supply but it is unreliable on a regular basis? Need a constant source of electricity for business purposes or entertaining at home?
Our Grid-tied Inverter kit makes use of grid electricity when it is available but immediately switches to battery back-up should the power fail. The large AC inverter will continue to power your lights and appliances as if there had been no loss of power.

And if the grid electricity supply stays off for more than a day, the solar panels ensure the batteries stay charged. This removes the need for a generator completely saving significant money.
These systems are available from 100- 400W in size and are tailored to meet your individual requirement.

Brightness (Lumens):
Solar Panel:
100-400 Ah
Light Source:

10-20 x 5W LED Bulbs

Daily Power:
Additional features:

Power Inverter used to sway to battery power when grid supply fails ensuring power supply to house is always maintained