Customised Systems

Because our systems are modular it allows us to customise them to meet individual requirements. We can for example add a water pumping system to a home system if there is a well next to the house. Systems can also be upgraded easily with larger solar panels or batteries if the customer requires more power in the future, at a lower cost than buying a new system. Depending on the age of the components we may be able to offer a trade-in of the old equipment when upgrading.

Common Upgrades:

More panels/larger batteries – Guguplex has installed large systems up to 60kW capable of powering large residential estates, shops, medical clinics and offices

Additional LED streetlighting – we have provided LED street and garden lighting for retreat centres, schools and business worksites

  • Reading Lights for work areas
  • Security Lights for outdoors (motion sensor options are available)

Grid tied systems – many of our customers have an unreliable grid supply and require our solar systems to be connected to the electricity grid allowing them to use it when it is working but switching immediately to solar powered battery back-up when the grid goes down giving consistent uninterrupted 24/7 electricity