System Configurations

Off-Grid Solar System

This is the standard type of solar system we provide, designed for use where there is no other form of electricity. It uses a battery as it’s main power source to supply both 12V DC and 110/220V AC electricity.

Off Grid Solar System

Grid Backup Solar System:

 This type of system provides backup power when the grid electricity supply fails. The grid electricity when available is used to power the house and charge the battery but when it fails, the system switches to battery power and is re-charged by the solar panel. This ensure a constant supply of electricity.

Grid Backup Solar System

Solar Powered Water Pump:

This system is design to pump water from a well during daylight hours into a storage tank. The water filter removes sediment and bacteria to give a clean drinking water supply. This configuration requires no batteries so is very low maintenance.

 Solar Powered Water Pump