About Guguplex

Guguplex Technologies is a business which aims to bring light to the people who need it most. It looks to establish locally run businesses that can serve local community needs while providing economic development and technical skills to those involved.

Guguplex partners with existing development organisations, churches and NGO’s to work through them and support existing projects. It’s founders faith has shaped the principals by which the business operates and treats it’s staff and customers.

Guguplex is active in Nigeria and has also spun-off an independent company in Suriname as well as providing technical consultancy services across Africa including Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania.

Guguplex focuses on Biblically rooted ethics and principals during it’s training with a focus on putting other’s needs first and demonstrating excellence- a true customer focused approach that should should be a practical outworking of Jesus’s love for people.

Jesus said ‘I am the light of the world’. We are one of his means of demonstrating this in a practical way.