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Guguplex Technologies is a business which aims to bring light and power to the people who need it most.


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Custom Systems

Because our systems are modular it allows us to customise them to meet individual requirements. We can
for example add a water pumping system to a home system if there is a well next to the house.



Cost & Health Benefits of Solar Systems

Solar systems offer signifcant opportunities for better health and reduced living costs. The elimination of the kerosene lamp is just the start of the benefits...

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GVEP International: "With funding from the IDEAS contest, Guguplex was able to develop a business in the interior of Suriname. Their strategy has been to provide single homes with small solar systems at an affordable cost by setting up their own micro credit system for the ‘social’ consumer. Good results have been achieved. Hinterland customers appear to be willing to pay, especially when credit facilities are available. The company is also generating revenues from larger commercial projects."

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